Beef Stew

24 Jan

Here is a beef Stew which is full of flavour and body. Served with fresh bread,its a hearty meal in one bowl šŸ˜€

Serves 4

15g butter
1 onion- chopped
A few fresh sage leaves
1.5lb stewing steak or skirt
Salt & pepper
2 parsnips-chopped
3 carrots-chopped
1/2 butternut squash-chopped
250g potato
1tbsp tomato puree
1/2 bottle of red wine
1/2pt beef stock

200g self raising flour
100g duet

To serve
Zest of 1 orange
Fresh rosemary
1 garlic clove

Heat the butter up in a pan,saute of the onion for 5 minutes,then add the sage. Toss the meat in the salt,pepper and flour,then fry off with the onions.
Add the tomato puree,res wine and stock,lastly add all the vegetable.
Cover the pan and place in the oven 180c for 2 hours,until the meat is falling apart.

For the dumplings. Mix the flour with the surf and bind together with water.make into ball and place on top of the stew,cook in the oven with the lid on for a further 20 minutes,remove lid and give it another 5 minutes to get the dumpling crispy on top.

To serve
Chop the rosemary and garlic,mix with the orange zest and then scatter a little over the stew when serving. This will give the stew a deeper flavour .



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