Kale & mushroom lasagne

28 Jan

This recipe is a keeper. The cheeses go so well together with the kale & mushrooms, all you need is a simple salad to go with this dish 😀

Serves 6
60g butter
1tbsp fresh thyme
800g mushrooms-sliced
2tbsp chopped tarragon
4tbsp chopped parsley
1 bunch or curly kale

60g butter
1 small onion-ginęły chopped
60g plain flour
800ml milk
375g cream cheese
1 egg
150g feta
170g gruyere
About 20 lasagne sheets
150 mozarella
50g parmasan
Salt and pepper

Firstly. Heat up a pan and add the butter,next add the thyme and mushrooms,cook for 5 minutes before adding the tarragon and parsley. Once cooked take the mushrooms out and set aside,keeping the juices separate .

In the same pan.heat up the second lot of butter and saute off the onion,and the flour and cook for a minute   before mixing in the milk,stirring continues.if you have any juices from the mushrooms,add this to the pan aswell. Keep stirring  until you have a smooth sauce. (about 10th minutes)

Next,beat the cream cheese with the egg then add to the sauce along with the fetta and gruyere. Season with salt and pepper.

Boil the kale in salted water until cooked then drain.

To assemble,place some sauce at the bottom of a large dish then add a layer of lasagne sheets,followed by more sauce,then add a layer of mushrooms and scatter over some mozzarella , repeat the layers until you have used up everything.  Ending in a layer of sauce,sprinkle over the parmasan and cook for 40 minutes at 180c until the pasta is soft .

Serve with a simple salad of rocket and vine cherry tomatoes .

Bon appetite!




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