Barm bread

13 Feb

You can use any beer or ale for this bread . This is a adaption of Dan Lepards recipe.

The night before,make the barm.

250g bottled ale
50g strong white flour
45g white leaven

Heat the beer in a pan  until it reaches 70c,then remove from heat and quickly whisk in the flour.leave to cool until the temperature has dropped to 20c,then stir in the white leaven.
Cover and leave overnight.


The next morning it should of doubled and be bubbly 😀


To make the bread,you will need .

160g barm
250g warm water
500g strong white flour
11g sea salt

In a bowl,mix the barn with the water.add the flour and salt,and mix until it is a sticky dough. Leave in the bowl for 10 minutes.then continue kneading until you have a smooth ball of dough . Leave to prove for 1 hour,kneaded for 15 seconds then leave to prove for another hour. Repeat the process once more .

Tip the dough out of the bowl and shape it to fit your proving basket ( or bowl with floured tea towel) place the dough seam side up in the basket,cover and leave to prove for around 4 hours .

Preheat the oven to 220c tip the bread out onto a tray or baking stone,slash the dough and bake for 50-70 minutes . Cool on a wired rack before eating 😀




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