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13 Feb

This is a mayonnaise that is thick & creamy and has a greater and more complex flavour than any shop bought variety .
Make sure all the ingrediant are at  room temperature. This is best made with a electric mixer .

3 large egg yolks
25g dijon mustard
350g griundnut or grapeseed oil
35g white wine vinegar
1/3tsp salt
Small pinch of cayenne pepper

Add the egg yolks and mustard to the mixing bowl and whisk until smooth .

Drizzle in the oil,drop by drop . The mayonnaise will become thicker as the ingrediants start to emulsify.

Once the mix has started to thickened.the oil can be poured in a thin stream.when you have a stiff mix,and all the oil has been added,whisk in the vinegar which will add acidity to balance the richness of the oil.

Finally season with salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper .

Will keep covered in the fridge for about 5 days.